Saturday, July 21, 2012

Predestined by Abbi Glines

That's just the way her face is.

I really don't know if I can finish this.
*****EDIT****** I finished it. Still didn't like it.

Here's my version of Predestined:

"Pagan is beautiful. Pagan is so beautiful. She is my Pagan. My existence as Death has meant nothing up until the point of meeting her."
*daydreams about cuddling*

"I am so lucky. My boyfriend is so hot. I am so in love with him and I love him to death. Haha! Get it? I'm so funny. Oh no, one of my two bff's that I've known since preschool is dead. I should probably be upset but I'm going to be mad at Dank instead for not warning me."

the other best friend, Miranda
"Pagan really loves me. I'm really depressed because my soulmate, Wyatt, just died. Pagan mostly just sits there, thinking about her new friend Gee and how much she misses Dank, but I don't even care because I know Pagan loves me. Pagan loves me so much, she was willing to get me drunk so I could forget my troubles. She is so smart!"

"I should probably be thinking about the fact that Miranda's boyfriend died right before Valentine's Day, and how traumatic that is, but all I can think about is Leif being an evil voodoo spirit and how much I love Dank."

THAT'S PRETTY MUCH IT. Pagan is the most self-centered, selfish character ever. She wastes almost no time mourning Wyatt, and she doesn't even seem to care about Miranda having just lost her soulmate/boyfriend! The only reason she even stays with Miranda after the funeral is because she doesn't want to be by herself, and because she's mad at Dank for not warning her about Wyatt's death. She's known Dank for, what, a few months? And Gee for even less? But they get top priority over her grieving best friend and her now-deceased friend Wyatt.
And Leif. If you're a "voodoo prince" with the power of your father behind you--who, in case you forgot, tricked Death by taking Wyatt's soul--why the hell do you keep running away from any appearance of Dank or Gee?? Shouldn't you have, you know, SOME power? Leif literally shows up, adds nothing to the plot, and then runs away like one of the squirrels on campus if you get too close to them.

Seriously, I can't handle how selfish Pagan is, and the HORRIBLE editing [you'd think by book two you'd have a better editor, right?!?], and the fact that Dank doesn't seem to worry about his EXTREMELY IMPORTANT JOB because he's too busy thinking about how much he misses Pagan. DANK, YOU'RE NOT A MOPEY TEENAGER. YOU ARE DEATH, AND HAVE LIVED LONGER THAN ANY OTHER IMMORTAL "HOTTIE" IN A YA PARANORMAL ROMANCE!

Okay I'm done yelling, and definitely done reading this nightmare. It was such a waste of time.


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