Thursday, June 27, 2013

Origin of the Sphinx: A Novella by Raye Wagner



But for real yo, I am not the biggest fan of novellas. "Short" and "sweet" aren't exactly attractive words to me for a book. Plus, why would I want to read 50-something pages when I can read whatever book is next in the series for like, 300 pages? I don't need any teasers. I am PERFECTLY content to live my book reviewing life without reviewing novellas.

*five seconds later* EXCEPT THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD NOVELLA *evil smirk* 
This novella...I mean, I would honestly love to review a book in this series, but I can't. And that depresses me to no end, because I really want to jump in. Mythology+Ancient Egypt+love+magic is like the perfect recipe, and that's what this novella is all about. This review isn't so much a "review" as it is a pleading cry for the first Sphinx book to be published. I was contacted by the author, Ms. Wagner, to review her novella because of a book recommendation request I made on GR. Long story short, she offered me an ARC, and I had to decline, because I had already purchased the novella some ten hours previously.  But I got the pleasure of exchanging messages with her, and asked her (in my polite reviewer voice, of course) when the first book would be out. It's still a work in progress, but if it's anything like this novella, then I'll be hooked. I give five stars to, yes, this short little mini book midget because I am highly anticipating the release of the first book, and the rest of the series to follow.

Also, a bonus star (it's like the Happening Star in Mario Party...like the only star I ever win) because of this GORGEOUS COVER. Seriously, I'm not sure how the cover of the first book can top this, because this is, like, perfection.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Forevermore by Cindy Miles

I received this as an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

So, I might be totally biased: I have a thing for all things Scottish. Lairds, dreary ruins, sheep, you name it, I'll buy into it. Preferably soaked in plaid with a side of heather. When I breathe in, I want the air I expel to come out through a bagpipe.
This is how getting a new Highland novel makes me feel.

So yes, I will jump on that boat to Scotland (as if you had any doubt anymore). And thank my bonny Scotsman that an ARC I received called Forevermore was a YA novel that takes place in a dreary Scottish castle. Featuring an American girl and a Scottish ghost, no less. Because I was getting tired of only reading Highland romances...except you can't really get tired of the things that you undeniably love. 

So, Forevermore is not a book I would recommend to a high schooler. I miiiiiight not want to recommend this to a middle schooler. Then I remembered that I read the Lost in Time series in fifth grade and, well, as an advanced reader I have to look at this as unbiasedly as I can. So, even though I see this as a book for grades 5-8, who am I to say that someone in high school should probably not read it? Not everyone wants a super intensical romantical YA book sometimes. There are times when we all just want a quick puff of fresh air.
This book was short and fast, sweet and cute. Books like that are what I deem "lightly salted." 
To sum the story up: Ivy is a girl who finds herself being dragged to Scotland by her mom and her new stepdad, Mr. Scottish Laird Hottie. I swear, I was more into the stepfather than the ghost. Anyway, so weird stuff starts happening and Ivy is confronted by a ghost named Logan, who has no clue how he became a ghost. The rest of the book is about Ivy falling in love with Logan (there's some very G-rated heart fluttering action here), making friends with this Scottish family that Logan is supposedly descended from, and solving the "mystery" behind Logan's death. 

It's PRETTY OBVIOUS. I'm just going to throw that out there. 

All in all, very predictable book with no real surprises or awesome love story. However, this was a quick, fun read that held my interest. It is by far higher up on my list of cutesy YA than a lot of the ARCs I have read over the year--and yes, I'm looking at you, UnEnchanted. 

Solid 3.5 stars

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