Thursday, June 27, 2013

Origin of the Sphinx: A Novella by Raye Wagner



But for real yo, I am not the biggest fan of novellas. "Short" and "sweet" aren't exactly attractive words to me for a book. Plus, why would I want to read 50-something pages when I can read whatever book is next in the series for like, 300 pages? I don't need any teasers. I am PERFECTLY content to live my book reviewing life without reviewing novellas.

*five seconds later* EXCEPT THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD NOVELLA *evil smirk* 
This novella...I mean, I would honestly love to review a book in this series, but I can't. And that depresses me to no end, because I really want to jump in. Mythology+Ancient Egypt+love+magic is like the perfect recipe, and that's what this novella is all about. This review isn't so much a "review" as it is a pleading cry for the first Sphinx book to be published. I was contacted by the author, Ms. Wagner, to review her novella because of a book recommendation request I made on GR. Long story short, she offered me an ARC, and I had to decline, because I had already purchased the novella some ten hours previously.  But I got the pleasure of exchanging messages with her, and asked her (in my polite reviewer voice, of course) when the first book would be out. It's still a work in progress, but if it's anything like this novella, then I'll be hooked. I give five stars to, yes, this short little mini book midget because I am highly anticipating the release of the first book, and the rest of the series to follow.

Also, a bonus star (it's like the Happening Star in Mario the only star I ever win) because of this GORGEOUS COVER. Seriously, I'm not sure how the cover of the first book can top this, because this is, like, perfection.


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