Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Splintered by A.G. Howard

Okay, so, I read Splintered.

Now, I've never been a fan of Alice in Wonderland. When I was little, it was too weird for me. Nothing was magical or interesting. Honestly, if it didn't have a princess in it, I just wasn't interested. This still rings true today. I still find Alice in Wonderland far from my cup of tea. Maybe that's why I was so drawn to Splintered. See, I'm into gothic literature. One of my favorite short stories is The Yellow Wallpaper--it's just dripping with morbid twistosity. I thought hmmm, Splintered is supposed to be kind of twisted and backwards. Maybe I'll like it!

So...did I like it? 

SORT OF (said with mild enthusiasm because, well, how else do you give an apathetic answer?). Something just felt off to me. I can't really put my finger on it. 
Although, maybe it was the DEATH TRIANGLE OF LURVE!!!!!

Apparently, it's not YA if there's no Triangle. Good. Grief. 
Anyway, it really bothered me that there was all this sexual tension with Morpheus (I STILL CAN'T GET OVER HIS NAME HAHAHAHAHA WHO CAN TAKE THAT SERIOUSLY?!) and Aly. Then Aly would moon over Jeb but obviously, there was way more attraction with Morpheus. BE WITH THE BAD GUY, IT'S OKAY. The good guy doesn't always have to win! 
It's just confusing, because Jeb is really annoying. He's very bossy with Aly, and possessive. Morpheus, though a conniving SOB, is obviously just better. Aly is weird and has this "dark side" to her, and I think that if she wasn't so obsessed over how sexy Jeb's lariat was to her, she'd be into Morpheus and his weird ass hats. 

It's called a Death Triangle of Lurve for a reason. No doubt, it kept me interested. But as I said, something felt off, and I think this had a lot to do with it. The world building was beyond creepy for YA--I wouldn't recommend Splintered to anyone, honestly, unless they were a fellow blogger/reviewer or just really like creepy retellings--but nothing I couldn't handle. That's why I give Splintered a 3.5 that is really a 4 on GR. It's not a 5, but I really root for what I think is different. This isn't stock YA, and I appreciate that. Hopefully, the next book in the series is better. Hopefully. 


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